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Regardless if you end up hiring us or not as your Iowa Wedding Videographer Team, I did want to share a little advice. As a hybrid wedding photographer and videographer myself, I’m super excited you’re considering videography for your big day!

Iowa Wedding Videography

Cost vs Competency

When people ask about how much is reasonable to spend on video, it’s kind of a tricky question to answer. How much do you really value hearing the voices of friends and family when you get to watch it back? Years later you can watch your first dance with a family member that may not be around anymore. How beautifully do you want those moments captured? Do you want to worry that an inexperienced, less confident videographer may miss a significant moment? Or do you just want to relax and enjoy your day knowing you’re in great hands? There is value in all of that, but it’s up to you how much.

My best advice is consider spending equally on both video and photography. If you spend a bunch of money getting your dream photographer, then spend the bare minimum just to have “some sort of video”, there is a good chance that a cheap videographer could actually drag down your photographer’s ability to shoot to their full potential. When not done well, extra bodies around the day can be a huge hindrance.

Managing Expectations

When done well, videographers can be your best friends, a huge help to the photographer, DJ, etc and make your wedding day even more fun and amazing! Just keep in mind that ALL of your vendors form a team to take care of you and your memories, so build the best, most well rounded one you can and you will never regret it. Video and photos are the only things you will have after the day to remember these memories with, which is also a key thing to keep in perspective. As an Iowa wedding Videographer and Photographer, we have a list of vendors we recommend working with for that very reason.

Just keep in mind, when people say that they know how much photography costs, there is a certain level of quality they appreciate. They want to bring that to these once in a lifetime memories. People understand that with photography, you get what you pay for. The same goes, maybe even more so for videography.

Pros to Wedding Videography (In Iowa and Beyond)

Videographers have even more pressure on them throughout your wedding day when it comes to not only capturing shots that look great and feel natural, but a good one is going to be managing audio equipment throughout the day to capture the sound from your memories. Being able to relive and hear your father or best friend stumble through a speech because they are choked up with emotion is a completely different experience. There’s a different emotional level than looking at a picture of someone holding a microphone. That’s the value video brings to your day. The more you feel like investing in your videographer, the less risk you are taking that it’s someone who may not be prepared to capture those moments well.

Check out some more videos here! If wedding videography is on the fence for you, see if you notice things you can’t get with photography, and if those are things that matter to you. To be able to have the trust from your couples and have this very intimate insight of the love between the friends and family is definitely an amazing experience. I couldn’t ask for a better job.

groom holding bride during Iowa wedding videography in Galena Illinois

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